Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | September 17, 2012

Enrolled Agent In Tampa

Are you are looking for a reliable and professional enrolled agent in Tampa? Then look no farther then the esteemed offices of Garcia and Cuadra. An enrolled agent is a federally licensed tax practitioner. Enrolled agents can assist you in numerous services including representing clients for audits, collections and appeals before the internal revenue service. Garcia and Cuadara have been representing individual and company taxpayers since 1980. Garcia and Cuadra are experienced and professional enrolled agents that have years of experience representing taxpayers in the Bay area.

There are strict regulations for enrolled agents to represent clients. All EAs are required to follow the guidelines and provisions deemed necessary by the treasury department. There is a lot at stake when you are being tried by the internal revenue service and misrepresentation can lead to potential catastrophe. Your finances and future are at risk when you are doing your taxes and being audited, why would you risk losing any of your assets which you have worked so long to obtain.

Garcia and Cuadra are expert enrolled agent in Tampa that have the experience to provide you with the professional representation required to get the best possible solution when dealing with the IRS. The offices of Garcia and Cuadra have only your best interests in mind and when you retain either of them to represent you not only to you gain the best representation around but you also gain a personal adviser that will work side by side with you to insure that your dealings with the IRS go smoothly and that your financial order is in perfect order.

No one cares more about there customers satisfaction as Garcia and Cuadra. When it comes to enrolled agent in Tampa Garcia and Cuadra have been providing the best quality and affordable tax preparations services for over 30 years. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to dealing with the IRS and preparing your taxes hire Garcia and Cuadra to guarantee that you are successful in all your tax preparation endeavors.


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