Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | September 18, 2012

EAS in Tampa

An EAS in Tampa is a licensed tax practitioner. The difference between enrolled agents and other practitioners, are EAS practice by right of the United States government. CPAs can only practice in the state that gave them their license.

An enrolled agent specializes solely in tax law, so their knowledge is most likely up-to-date, since that is the focus of their business. Garcia and Cuadra are fully licensed and located in Tampa. They can help you in all your accounting needs, whether you’re a non-profit or are currently living out of the country. Another benefit of an EAS is limited client-confidentiality when you hire them to help in audits and collection matter.

Enrolled agents will provide book-keeping services and help you start your own business. Garcia and Cuadra can provide payroll services and financial budgeting.

When something isn’t right with your finances, G and C will provide forensic accounting to track down any missing zeros. They are also practicing notary publics, for all your NR needs. If the IRS is after you for back taxes, an EAS in Tampa can help you file for a tax appeal and abatement.

For all your retirement and estate planning needs turn to an enrolled agent.


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