Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | September 18, 2012

Tax Practitioner in Tampa

Are numbers not your thing? Are you tired of staring at the same receipts and paperwork that require immediate attention before a certain time and date? Preparing taxes and other bookkeeping materials can be a hassle and can be a costly expense if not done accordingly. Within the Tampa Bay Area, there is a firm that is devoted to not only helping your taxation needs, but also can be your “right-hand man” when tackling such tasks for the government. At Garcia and Cuadra, they are devoted to be your number one tax practitioner in Tampa, organizing and defending for all questions related to the ongoing struggles with the IRS.

In the event that one is over their heads with continuations buildup of paperwork, let Garcia and Cuadra guide you through the difficult paths and steer you away from the clouded areas. With being in the area since 1980, they are committed to providing businesses and individuals with only the highest quality of service to their clients. Having the ability to represent their clients if they should ever be audited, the associates at Garcia and Cuadra promise that no question will ever be rejected or ignored. Given the reasonability bestowed by the U.S. Department of Treasury, let them be your partner when the pain of taxation becomes unbearable. Call them at 813-415-2431 for a professional tax practitioner in Tampa, letting them be your main number to be aware of in the future.


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