Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | October 9, 2012

Enrolled Agents in Tampa

With the help of enrolled agents in Tampa, you may never again have to worry about anyone coming after you over taxes. Thanks to the services of Garcia and Cuadra, agents like this exist for their local residents to seek advice and consultation.  Unlike other tax practitioners, these agents are able to represent their clients in front of a court, as well as benefit from their preparation services. Understanding the hardships of the IRS hounding people over missing paperwork and some errors within taxes is what Garcia and Cuadra tries to prevent when representing their clients.

In general, taxes can be a difficult and tasking process to successfully complete on one’s own. Any missing material or unanswered questions behind these procedures can often lead into avenues that some may not be able to turn around from. For being within the tax and accounting business since the 1980s, Garcia and Cuadra ensure their clients that they will be there to handle all litigation concerning with these issues before it becomes a dire situation. With both excellent customer service and professionalism taken when being hired, they strive to be the desired enrolled agents in Tampa their residents deserve. Call today at 813-415-2431 and don’t be one of the many that have to face the IRS alone.


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