Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | October 15, 2012

Tax Defense in Tampa

As a taxpayer, you might become involved in audits, collections, and appeals before the Internal Revenue Service. Tax defense in Tampa requires the services of an enrolled agent. Enrolled Agents are empowered to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service. An EA has completed the IRS’s necessary requirements in order to be able to unrestricted represent taxpayers before the IRS.

The prospective enrolled agent must pass the IRS’s Special Enrollment Examination which is administered once a year. There are other IRS requirements to becoming an enrolled agent. A prospective EA must pass the IRS’s tax compliance check to ensure that they themselves have completed all their own tax filings, and that there are no outstanding tax liabilities. Further, an enrolled agent must keep their credentials current by obtaining continuing education credits from IRS- approved continuing education providers.

An interesting historical note is that the federal government first acted to regulate persons representing taxpayers in 1884. This was after the Civil War and the government had had to deal with many questionable claims based on war losses. It was the intention of the federal government to regulate the taxpayers’ representatives in interactions with the Treasury Department.

Tax defense in Tampa is available to taxpayers if they find themselves in a position where they must undergo an audit, have if they have collection or tax refund issues. Perhaps it is a case where the taxpayer must make an appeal to the IRS.  An EA is licensed to appear before the IRS as the taxpayer’s representative. An enrolled agent can represent the taxpayer at every administrative phase in the taxation process. An EA and their clients also enjoy a limited privilege status in matters involving audits and collection matters.

Among tax professionals such as CPAs and tax attorneys, EAs are Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners. This is a category of practitioner which is governed by federal statute. A taxpayer in need of tax defense in Tampa would do well to contact an EA. Their practice is strictly controlled; everything from their expertise in the field, to their ethical standing is examined and evaluated by the IRS before the status of enrolled agent is conferred upon them. Additionally, and EA must update their credentials regularly through continuing education in order to maintain their status as EAs.

If you are in need of tax representation in an IRS matter involving an audit, collection or refund issues, or an appeal of an IRS action, your tax defense in Tampa should utilize the services of an enrolled agent. Please call the accounting and tax advising firm of Garcia and Cuadra, P.A. at 813-415-2431 for further information.


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