Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | November 12, 2012

Tampa Tax Practitioner

Do you need a tax practitioner in Tampa? Garcia and Cuadra are fully licensed and qualified to represent you in taxing matters. They want to help you with all your accounting and tax needs, from tax appeals to corporate tax returns. Among their tax return preparation knowledge, they can help you with your non-profit organization and bookkeeping services. From startup services to payroll, G and C will help you manage your business from start to finish. For more information about their services or to find out more about enrolled agents, call Garcia and Cuadra today (813) 415-2431.

A Tampa tax practitioner can help you when you’ve been getting letters from the IRS demanding bay payments. There may be relief in sight. With a proper filing provided by a tax representative, the IRS may allow you to pay a lesser amount. Only a qualified tax agent can tell you whether there is relief in your future.

Any time you hire a representative, you should research their credentials and testimonials. Many companies promise results, but don’t deliver. Unlike CPA’s, tax practitioners are solely dedicated to handling tax law cases and have years of tax law knowledge. They can help you when the IRS is sending letters demanding payment.


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