Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | November 26, 2012

Independent Accountant in Tampa

An independent accountant in Tampa is a financial agent that has no conflicting interests and can remain impartial to as he examines his clients financial statements. This is different than an internal auditor who may be employed by your place of business or by the IRS. These accountants have no other connection to their clients than the business arrangement. Having an impartial financial advisor may be a favorable alternative in a pecuniary conflict between one or more parties

Garcia and Cuadra are there to help you with all your financial needs. From starting up your business to forensically investigating your finances, Garcia and Cuandra can help you with all your accounting needs. They are available and knowledgeable in estate planning and retirement planning. For clients living abroad they can help you prepare and send you tax returns.

As independent accountant in Tampa, they specialize in accounting systems design and corporate federal and state tax returns. They can also represent clients when the tax authorities request an examination or collection. Garcia and Cuadra can help you with your appeal cases. In business for 30 years, Garcia and Cuadra are able and willing to help you with all your financial accounting needs.


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