Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | November 27, 2012

Tampa Tax Return Preparation

Taxes are stressful within themselves, never mind when it comes time to file for the tax returns. If you are in a position in which you may be audited by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), this is a crucial time to make sure your numbers are in order. Tax preparation in Tampa is the process of preparing your tax returns. While some choose to do them on their own, the best outcomes will be generated through a licensed professional.

As of January 1, 2011, the IRS made is mandatory for all paid federal tax return preparers to be registered. If you use the services of an Enrolled Agent, such as Douglas Garcia of Garcia and Cuadra, P.A., you are making a wise decision because they are the only tax preparers who are granted permission to practice directly from the U.S. government.

Garcia and Cuadra specialize in handling all federal and state tax return preparation in all U.S. states—even Hawaii and Puerto Rico. They have been reliable and experienced professionals for over 30 years and pride themselves on being able to pick through the important stuff to make sure their financial services make the lives of their clients as easy as possible.

For more information about tax preparation in Tampa, or to learn about the other services they offer, such as estate and retirement planning, sales tax services, and accounting and bookkeeping services, call today at 813-415-2431.


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