Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | December 20, 2012

EA in Tampa

EA in TampaTax season is always right around the corner and there are those who are either prepared or are still organizing and agonizing over the mounds of paperwork. When it comes down to the time where everything has to be filed, are you ready? For the people that need the extra help, maybe it might be time to seek the assistance of an enrolled agent in Tampa. An enrolled agent is a federally licensed tax practitioner that will not only help file your taxes, but is also one of the few people that can represent you during IRS audits.

With this in mind, a local and trusted firm in Tampa has been doing this for the last 20 years. Over at Garcia and Cuadra, they will ensure that all of your taxing problems or concerns are promptly dealt with. Keeping professionalism to a high standard, they will make sure that nothing is left out during the tax process, providing clarity upon areas that would normally seem unknown or confusing to their clients. They know that if taxes are not handled in a certain order, problems with the IRS can foreshadow your life over the months after it has been filed. No matter where you are during the tax process, let Garcia and Cuadra help you. Whether it’s filing or representing, they will be your enrolled agent in Tampa bay to guide you towards better grounds. Call them at 813-415-2431 to see how they can be of service to you today.


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