Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | December 20, 2012

Tax Preparation Services in Tampa

Tax Preparation Services in TampaTax preparation in Tampa, Florida doesn’t have to wait until April. In fact, it shouldn’t wait until April. The more detailed and involved your tax form will be, the sooner you should get started. At Garcia and Cuadra, they will help you with all your preparation needs. Are you sure you’re getting all the deductions you’re entitled to? With itemization, and fully qualified help, you can get out all the money due to you.

At Garcia and Cuadra, they don’t only offer tax preparation services. Among their repertoire is also small business creation. They will provide payroll services and help you get your business started. They will help you with your retirement planning and estate planning as well. In addition to tax preparation in Tampa, Garcia and Cuadra will even provide forensic accounting.

If you have the IRS after you for back taxes, or if you have a claim to file, they provide litigation support and representation before the courts. If you’re not filing the right forms at the right times, your claim could be invalidated. As your fully qualified enrolled agent, Douglas Garcia will work hard to represent you in all your cases in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas.

They provide support services to people living abroad as well as foreign taxpayers. They also specialize in non-profit organizations. For more information, or to get started on preparing for the daunting tax season, give Garcia and Cuadra a call today 813-415-2431.


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