Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | February 27, 2013

Tax Advisor in Tampa

Tax Advisor in TampaAre you prepared for retirement or are you like so many and find yourself overwhelmed in managing your finances? If the latter is true for you, like most American today, you need a tax advisor in Tampa to help you sort everything out and keep you on track to financial success. We all want to have a trouble free retirement and do many things we do not have time for while busy in our careers. If you work closely with a competent professional, your dreams will turn into reality. One of the biggest factors in managing your finances for a better tomorrow is time. The sooner you plan, the more potential for achieving the goals you set. However, it is never too late to sit down with a qualified financial planner to set your goals and figure out how to meet them.

There are a lot of overlooked points when it comes to personal finances. Sometimes it is just a matter of you not understanding or realizing that more suitable choices exist. You probably know that creating budgets and having a solid savings plan is must but do you know when to aggressively invest your money and when to play it safe? Many 401k plans have different options to put your contributions into, if you do not have a 401k through your employer, there are literally hundreds of different ways to invest your money. How you invest depends on many factors with the most important being how close to retirement are you. Will you need access to cash soon or can you tie it up for a larger yield later? If how to invest your money seems complicated then you need to speak with a tax advisor who can explain, guide and setup a timeline for you and your money.

Another overlooked or misunderstood is insurance. Often, you are pushed into costly coverage that you do not need. If you do not understand the various types of insurance plans and what they mean to your wallet, you could end up overpaying tens of thousands or more in the course of a lifetime. Additionally, many only think of insurance as a means to veering certain services or unexpected occurrences. However, certain life insurance policies can be set up as a great tax shelter and lessening the share you have to give Uncle Sam. An experienced financial planner can review your insurance policies and see if you are missing opportunities.

To make your money work for you and set out solid strategies on maximizing your worth, call Douglas Garcia of Garcia and Cuadra in Tampa today (813) 415-2431.


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