Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | March 27, 2013

Tampa Enrolled Agent

Tampa Enrolled AgentEnrolled Agent is the highest status the IRS awards and when using Garcia and Cuadra enrolled agent in Tampa you will have the best of the best. Nothing is more important than having someone on your side to represent you who is professional and dependable. When it comes to audits collections or appeals with a team of experienced agents you’re sure to come out ahead. As enrolled agents they are not limited to who they can represent or what matters they can handle.

With Garcia and Cuadra as your enrolled agent in Tampa they can advise, represent and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and any other entity. Their expertise is not only in the amount of time they have been handling their client’s needs but also in the many different fields of interest they have had success in. They are very skilled in business as well as individual book keeping, financial planning or budgeting, payroll service, financial statement preparation and so much more. Their diverse back ground and reputation for everlasting success continues to lead them to more possibilities and they make sure to prioritize each and every case individually.

As your enrolled agent in Tampa they will ensure you that each and every client is an important matter. They do not make one case more than another like others in this industry do. It makes no difference if you are a tax preparation or an appeal they will meet your needs with the highest level of care and attention. When it comes to finances no matter whether personal or business nothing can be more important than making sure things are done right and taken care of responsibly and accurately.


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