Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | April 19, 2013

EA in Tampa

EA in TampaAre you in trouble with the IRS or other taxing agency? It’s easy to become overwhelmed if you try to negotiate with the IRS on your own. There are many ways to seek relief or offer settlements from the IRS depending on the specifics of your situation. It is best to have someone who is knowledgeable in the various administrative policies of the IRS. The best professional to have on your side is an enrolled agent in Tampa. EA’s are granted their privilege to be practitioners by the federal government which involves an exhausting test. If you are facing or contemplating the following situations, you are in need of taxpayer representation from Garcia and Cuadra’s qualified staff.

  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil or criminal fraud
  • Non-filer/non-compliance
  • Trust fund penalties
  • Liens and levies
  • Need installment agreement
  • Want to offer compromise
  • Looking for interest and penalty abatements
  • IRS audit

Enrolled agents in Tampa specialize in IRS policies and can easily navigate the processes and procedures for seeking relief. They know what can be dismissed under bankruptcies. These professionals can be your advocate when you have been accused of fraud or non-compliance through unintentional means. Their EA’s seek to make offers and installment agreements that are favorable to you. The IRS does understand that honest mistakes happen and they do not wish to just penalize for mishaps, they also like to promote future compliance and have many different abatement programs. With an EA providing taxpayer representation, you will receive the relief that best suits your situation and needs.

Audits are a big fear for many businesses and individuals. The truth is, most of the time they are just random occurrences as part of routine checks and balances by the IRS. In some case though, a business or individual is targeted because of discrepancies discovered in paperwork filing. This is still nothing to fear if the issues were unintentional. However, it does require proper taxpayer representation to ensure everything is accounted for and produced accurately. Since EA’s, unlike CPAs, specialize solely in taxation, their knowledge of the audit process is unmatched.

Sometimes people make simple mistakes. This is especially true with ever-increasing complexity to IRS policies and codes. Do I file this or that? Did I include the necessary proofs? It can be so confusing for people that do no dedicate their lives to keeping on top of every change. If you are in the Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Pete areas and find yourself in need of taxpayer representation, give the enrolled agents of Garcia and Cuadra a call at (813) 415-2431. With over thirty years of experience, you can count on them to get you a favorable solution.


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