Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | February 24, 2014

Why You Need Tax Preparation Services in Tampa

Tax Preparation Services in TampaTax preparation in Tampa can be a stressful experience; especially if you attempt to file them on your own.  When you do them yourself, you are risking missing huge amounts of money that is rightfully yours, or even making a mistake that could result in legal action from the IRS. Hiring a professional tax practitioner like Garcia and Cuadra will ensure that you will get the maximum refund, as soon as possible.

Three reasons you need professional tax preparation in Tampa are:

  1. They save you time and money: Convenience and accuracy will be on your side when you hire a professional to handle your finances.  Instead of laboring for hours trying to understand each step, a professional will be able to file your taxes quickly and correctly.
  2. Smaller margin of error: There is a lot of room for error when it comes to filing for taxes, but when you hire a professional, you will know that they specialize in it. You will feel safe knowing that you are getting all of the deductions possible, and there are no mistakes made.
  3. Fees can be deductible: If you meet certain eligibility requirements, the fees associated with your filing may be deductible.  These fees are considered “miscellaneous,” and can help you save even more.

There are many things that you may want to attempt to without assistance, but don’t make filing your taxes one of them. Mistakes can be far reaching and costly, especially if the IRS gets personally involved in your case.  The firm of Garcia and Cuadra has been in the business of financial preparation for over 30 years, and will be able to look through all of your information, to make sure everything has been filed correctly.

Dealing with the IRS can be tricky; they have the ability to look at your financial information from years ago. They will do everything possible to locate and identify discrepancies in your finances; things that seem unimportant to you may actually turn out to be extremely significant. Hire a professional Tampa tax preparation firm like Garcia and Cuadra today to ensure no mistakes are made; for more information, call us at 813-415-2431.


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