Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | September 24, 2014

How Can Estate Planning Help Me?

How Can Estate Planning Help Me?When you’re young, it’s easy to push thoughts of what will happen to your belongings once you are gone to the back of your head. However, it is important to explore your estate planning options earlier rather than later to ensure your belongings don’t end up as property of the state of Florida. After you’re gone, if there is no plan for your estate, there is no arguing who gets what, because the state will claim it all. Your estate includes your home, any cars you may have, all personal belongs, and any checking and savings accounts that are under your name.

Garcia & Cuadra P.A. is a local law firm that can assist with all of your estate planning needs in Tampa. This process ensures so much more than just a place for your things once you pass, such as:

  • Allocation of your personal belongings to chosen family members
  • Smooth transition of property to loved ones
  • Minimal taxes when property is transferred
  • Treatment specifications if you become disabled and unable to make these decisions
  • Funeral arrangements, to take the burden of planning off of your loved ones

Garcia & Cuadra will ensure your documents are written correctly and that your wishes are fulfilled. If you attempt this process on your own, it is easy to make errors that can render all of your effort for nothing, leaving your loved ones dealing with the aftermath.

Don’t worry if you think quality estate planning in Tampa will be expensive. There are many different levels for every stage of your planning. When just starting out, solid options are simple wills or term life insurance. Over time, you are always able to modify or expand your plan.

Aside from the legalities, this process will make sure that you have the peace of mind that all of your wishes will be fulfilled once you are gone, and that there will not be any fighting between your family and the state, regarding your belongings.

Estate planning in Tampa is for everyone. Start yours today with Garcia & Cuadra; contact them at 813-415-2431.


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