Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | March 11, 2016

The 3 Benefits of Tax Advisors

Tax Advisors TampaMany people are opting to hire professional tax advisors this year. Tampa residents tend feel hurried during the three and a half month period as they gather papers and file documents. Sure, there are useful software programs and numerous blog posts on the subject of return preparation, but these cannot promise to help you avoid mistakes while saving time and money.

Avoid Mistakes

Anxiety can mount at the mention of April 15th, but it doesn’t have to rule your thinking for the first quarter of the year— you have other responsibilities and values that deserve your energy. By hiring a tax advisor, you can help reduce your stress and avoid mistakes. They know what to look for, so oversights aren’t even an option. Too often, an individual in Tampa will file their paperwork after failing to note additional income or forget to sign the document. Mistakes like these can lead to headaches for you and unwanted attention from the IRS. Penalties are given for:

  • Filing after the deadline
  • Mathematical errors
  • Inapplicable charitable donations
  • Self-employment oversights

A single snafu can result in an audit, so triple-check your taxable contributions and consider hiring a pro to assist you with this tedious process.

Save Time and Money

Life is full in Tampa, and your time is valuable. Do you want to spend it filing federal and state documentation? While a handful of people may enjoy the challenge, most view it as an obligation or a necessary evil. With professional return preparation, you gain hours, and you increase the opportunity to discover potential deductions and credits. Detailed situations, like changes in marital status or trust fund transactions, are unfamiliar to most. Without the expertise of a seasoned tax advisor, you could miss out on potential profit and savings.

Garcia and Cuadra: Tax Advisors

With the help of trusted tax advisors, you minimize the opportunity for mistakes and anxiety. The team at Garcia and Cuadra will help you understand the filing process while taking on the full brunt of the responsibility. You can rest easy knowing your paperwork will be filed correctly in a timely fashion. In addition to return preparation, we offer services to individuals and commercial businesses in Tampa, like accounting and bookkeeping. Contact us by calling 813-415-2431 to learn more!


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