Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | September 15, 2016

Is a Bookkeeping Service Right For My Company?

Tampa Bookkeeping ServicesBefore the question of whether or not a booking service is best for your company can be answered, a few terms must be defined. An accountant is typically used primarily for tax time and for the long game; to plan the financial success of your business through smart analysis of data and cash flow. A bookkeeper handles the day to day expenditures of a business and can help manage accounts and make sure bills are paid on time and help keep accounts separate. In this article, the argument will be made for businesses, especially in the Brandon and Tampa bay area, to use a bookkeeping service and what benefits they may convey.

“I Like To Do My Own Bookkeeping Service”

It is true that in this digital age there are a lot of software programs out for small business owners to purchase to manage their own expenditures and even do their own taxes at the end of the year. Those software packages are being sold to small business owners as a cheaper alternative to a traditional bookkeeping service, or as some misguided sense of pride that they do not need to hire people to do something they can do themselves. Consider the following services provided by bookkeepers in the Brandon and greater Tampa area:

  • Manage the day-to-day expenditures of a business
  • Compile and organize a report of all expenses
  • Ensure bills are cataloged and paid on time
  • Set up new employees on payroll & payroll management

Outsourced Bookkeeping is Cost Effective

Small businesses have some of the highest failure rates, especially in the first three years, so it is imperative to manage their cash flow properly, and that means using a proper bookkeeping service locally available in Brandon and the greater Tampa area. Ah, but how much is the cost? Well it depends on the business; most small businesses use a contracted bookkeeper to come in once a week to manage the accounts for a few hours. The fee may come in hourly or a flat rate depending on the person. However it should also bear mentioning that if you do go with a bookkeeping service, and they are in the office more than once a week it may be more cost effective to just hire a bookkeeper in-house

If You Have A Large Staff Of Employees

One of the largest overheads of a business is labor, also known as paying your employees. True, there are software packages small businesses can use to keep track of payroll but does it account for taxes? Will it help new employees set up their deductibles for the year? In addition to managing expenses and paying bills, a bookkeeping service will help will adding new employees to the payroll as well as managing existing employees on the payroll as well as deal with any pay discrepancies that inevitably arise with things like overtime and if a business lacks a bookkeeper then it becomes the owners’ problem.

Garcia & Cuadra: Your Bookkeeping Experts

For the best bookkeeping services in Brandon or Tampa, along with accounting, why not consider Garcia & Cuadra and for a reasonable amount let the professionals deal with it and you focus on running your business?


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