Posted by: Garcia & Cuadra, PA | April 28, 2017

How to Prepare for Tax Preparation Services

Tax Preparation Services in Tampa

It is never too early to get started on your taxes, and you should always stay organized so that you can easily locate any forms or papers you need at any time. If you have chosen to utilize professional tax preparation services in Tampa, congratulations — you are making a smart decision! Professional accountants and preparers can save you a lot of money that you might otherwise have missed.

Gather All of Your Documents

Even if you do not have everything you think you might need, be sure to bring as much information and documentation as you think will be helpful. Use this list for reference:

  • Identifying information for you and any dependents. This includes Social Security Numbers for you, your spouse, and all dependents you can claim.
  • Income documentation. If you and/or your spouse were an employee, bring your W-2 forms your employers sent you. If you and/or your spouse were a contract worker, bring your 1099 forms. This includes anything documenting business income, unemployment income, rental property income, Social Security benefits, and any other miscellaneous income.
  • Copies of your federal income returns and refunds from the previous year.
  • Adjustment information, such as student loan interest, IRA contributions, or Medical Savings Account contributions.
  • Deduction information, including childcare and education costs as well as charitable donations.
  • Lists of stocks and mutual funds, as well as other assets.
  • Information for direct deposit, including your bank’s routing number and your specific account number.

If you are unsure about an asset or account, ask your designated preparer before going in for tax preparation services in Tampa. You do not want to make it to your meeting only to find that you are missing a vital document and have to hold up the process in order to acquire it.

Know What to Expect

Whether you have sought out professional tax preparation services in the past or you are a first-timer, it is good to have an idea of what is to come in order to make the most of your time together in Tampa. When you meet with a professional, they will sit down and discuss your situation with you. If it is filing season and you have a considerably “standard” case, then the process will be straightforward.

Call Garcia and Cuadra, P.A.

When you need professional tax preparation services and consultation assistance, Garcia and Cuadra is your go-to source. Our firm has been helping Tampa Bay clients with their financial needs for many years. We work hard every day to find every last deduction to get our clients the biggest returns. With qualified and experienced Enrolled Agents on our team, you know we have the knowledge and capability many seek in a professional tax preparer. It is never too early or too late to get your finances in order — call us today to schedule a consultation at (813) 415-2431.


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